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This strain was named so due to its taste looking like the sweet candy of a similar name. Starburst OG has light green nugs with a sprinkling of tricombs. When smoked, you can begin to feel the impacts around the eyes and in the head, leaving you with an away from and euphoric tone of mind-set. It wouldn’t lock you into the lounge chair, so it is sheltered to use during the day.

 Starting in Alaska, Starburst was named because of its noteworthy lemon lime smell and sweet flavor. This delicious strain with a stimulating and complex fragrance was conceived out of a glad mishap – a fortunate intersection of Tangerine (sativa-dominant hybrid) and The Hook (an indica). At the point when tried, Starburst was found to have a THC grouping of 18% with 0.05% CBD.

Medicating with Starburst prompts a stoney, yet perceptive experience; it is even to give an eruption of vitality while at the same time helping the client accomplish a condition of mental and physical quiet. The impacts of Starburst are not overwhelming and it very well may be an incredible strain for night use, particularly for those disturbed by a sleeping disorder, nervousness or stress.

 Starburst develops to about 3.5 feet in stature and blossoms in 65-75 days.

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